IntegriDoc is a San Diego-based paper scanning service bureau.  We provide small and medium sized business with scanning services, document management advice and turn-key systems for in-house document scanning and retrieval.

Are you underwhelmed with the results of electronic document management (EDM)?  Are you overwhelmed with the new capital and personnel requirements to implement the technology?

IntegriDoc will provide you with a clear, concise analysis of your return on investment with EDM, while considering two options:

  1. Buy the system:  IntegriDoc will recommend software, hardware and training to allow you to quickly and painlessly bring your documents online.
  2. Lease the system:  When capital expenses are a burden or document scanning is outside your business focus.  Let IntegriDoc prepare, scan, inspect for quality and host your documents.  No maintenance, no fixed costs, and no need to master a new competency.

IntegriDoc will analyze your need with a focus on:

  • Workflow
  • Unique or industry-specific (HIPAA or Sarbanes-Oxley) needs for security and traceability.
  • Matching software and hardware options to fit document volume, sharing needs and budget.
  • A solution that provides the absolute highest value.